Program Information

   D.A.T.A is dedicated to creating artistic children in the Quispamsis/ Rothesay region at an acceptable cost for the professional training they will receive. We offer Recreational Classes, Pre Competitive Classes, Competitive Classes and Company Classes.

Recreational Program


This program will give students a variety of dance style disciplines to choose from (Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, Acrobatics). Recreational students dance simply because they love it! These Student hours vary from as little as 30 minutes a week to approximately 4 hours a week as there are different dance style packages available.

Pre Competitive Program


For serious dancers looking to join our competitive program. This program is a foundational program that gives students the proper training they need to improve their dance technique/abilities. Our 'Pre Competitive Program' has been redesigned to offer a mock competitive intensive schedule so that students are training as if they are apart of our competitive team. Inquire today on how you can get your child into our Pre Competitive Program. 

Part-Time Competitive Program


For serious dancers who wish to improve / take dance to the next level. Competitive students train 2 days a week and compete in 2-3 competitions a year. This program is by recommendation / open auditions only. For more information please contact us! 

Full-Time Competitive Company Program


For students whom take dance very seriously and one day may wish to pursue a career in the dance industry. Company dancers train numerous hours a week and receive all the proper technique and advanced training it takes to become a successful dancer. Company Members compete in 3 competitions each year, using one of those competitions as an out of province big city competition (i.e Toronto, New York). These students are very advanced and are asked to join the company from doing so well in the competitive program or from open auditions. For more information please contact us! 

Part-time & Full-time members are expected to attend classes regularly and be committed to making dance a priority over social events. Attendance is an important aspect of being a team player and encourages your troupe to excel.